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 Rangercakes Suggestion List (updated and finalized)

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Rangercakes Suggestion List (updated and finalized) Empty
PostSubject: Rangercakes Suggestion List (updated and finalized)   Rangercakes Suggestion List (updated and finalized) EmptyFri Nov 11, 2016 9:58 pm

*Please note, everything in this list is up for change and may be changed at any given time that I find something different to add in*

Rangercakes Suggestion List

  • Add random events to prevent macro-ers to an extent and reward active players (ie a teleport to a location where you have t solve a simple riddle for a point that goes towards a shop or potentially a small lamp or something.

  • Add a mob kill counter accessible via slayer ring or banker

  • Add a boss kill counter accessible via slayer ring or banker

  • Add an explanation prior to zombie horde minigame as well as a loading dock or basic area to begin the minigame, immediately being thrown into it leaves almost no time for explanation, let alone what rewards may be reaped from surviving the horde

  • Add in trivia, questions that would be periodically shouted out across the chat (yell chat) to everyone in the world, would last 1 minute or 1:30 with the player being able to type ::trivia (answer here) for points, add a reward shop for this including titles and other useless things to show how proactive and competitive players are about learning more about the server, its workings, and how everything is run in the community.

  • add in a temporary price guide as a constraint, whether it be community made or not, as I'm writing this someone said something was 40m when someone else argued it was 20, making it difficult to have a concrete idea for the time being

  • reduce the raw value of bones being buried, I've managed to get to 70 prayer by using a few big bones and a few regular bones the raw bury value is a tad high with big bones being 25,000 exp and regular bones being 12,750 exp. These values wouldn't be too awful if they were alter values though I've seen slower prayer values in other servers that work out just fine, and I'm on hard mode though im not sure if that changes anything

  • sometimes when you tele home you cannot walk into the shops area, you have to click on the small square of tiles before you can move which is strange

  • make hati's loot rare, and actually worth something cosmetic wise

  • Add in an fps meter as a command to see if players can actually run it on high or low, the auto setup can be unreliable

  • resizeable client doesn't exactly work properly (breaks on occasion)

  • Remove revvies from dungeoneering and replace them with strong npc counterparts, there are several sets of vesta flowing around it's not exactly tasteful or good looking on the economy, not enough work put into getting a set anymore. Put them where they belong, in the wild were you can die. This is seriously tanking their value.

  • I don't think there are desert Stryke worms at their tele, I feel that they all three need to exist (desert, jungle, ice) with their own unique cosmetic and other valuable loots Ie camo, staff of light, etc

  • Abyssals don't actually have a slayer requirement to attack

  • Jadinkos drop nothing (should drop whip vine)

  • More training teleports : hill giants, elfs, frost dragons

  • add in bork, bork could drop misc things like the ornate katana, vls, maybe corrupt pvp gear IE statius morgains etc for sale or useage as well as whip die and dark bow die

  • add barrelchest for anchor

  • add troll queen for aestetic loots such as ornate kits for dragon gear or potentially guilded but make it a rough fight

  • Pets replace the squeal of fortune ??? (at least in resizeable client)

  • Add penance queen for fighter loot (ie torso, hat etc)

  • Fix glacors combat zone, sometimes when you're fighting them another comes in and steals your attention preventing you from finishing the other one off.

  • Brackish blade lacks a special attack ingame but has a bar, information from the wiki here (The brackish blade's special attack is 'Rum'ify. This attack has double accuracy and adds 2.5% of the damage dealt to the wielder's Strength, Attack and Defence. For example if you hit 200, this means your Strength, Attack and Defence would all get a visible 5 level boost.)
    Fix or remove the spec??

  • add a ::maxmelee ::maxmage ::maxrange command to see what your "max" damage is, im sure theres a formula for it i've seen it before.

  • add mutant tarn

  • add sun freet

  • Fix item on death priorities, I managed to lose something worth well two pieces worth 150m+ for something worth 500k? (arma armor, god sword shards)

    1. Items I've noticed that aren't prioritised right
    2. zerker ring
    3. Chaotics
    4. Furies
    5. Steads
    6. Armadyl

  • Add an ::updates command that shows what updates are preformed on the server so they're not silent updates all the time.

  • fix kree araa teleporting you into walls

  • Add diamond bolts (e) and Onyx Bolts (e), onyx bolts could drop from thazar enamies and if sold in a shop should be expensive ish like 5,000 a piece since they are very good bolts.

  • add a fix to the already present bork in dungeoneering that fixes his scene to not occur since it removes the idea that you're in dungeoneering and awards you no points.

  • Fix the strange qbd instances issue, I went to fight it and died and saw my gear hit the ground which left me thinking i could go back and retreive it but it was gone now if you die in stage one you can get it i believe but after that it's gone forever.

  • When you die to qbd, make a gravestone appear at home or in the alter room

  • Add rocktails

  • Add living minerals

  • add the living rock guardians even as just training/loot npc's

  • add turtles (food)

  • add secondary shops for level 99 in that stat type players, such as a woodcutting shop that sells dragon axes/hatchets to level 99 players along side the cosmetics that might go with those.

  • fix trimmed capes, you shouldn't just need one 99 if i remember correctly.

  • add in giant tortoises as a high leveled training zone, edit their health so they have a lot, they can drop like 50 or 100k coins and tortoise shells.

  • Fix summoning scrolls, or at least make them purchaseable for the time being

  • Add in dragon crossbow

  • Make a chaotic whip, why not, it's as simple as recoloring and re-statting it, something as simple as that could easily be done.

  • make "lite" equipment, i've seen these in games they're basically just a lighter version of a whip of rapier that attacks faster at the cost of some of the strength bonus, I believe instead of +82 str the bonus was 72 or 70 and it hit faster, and with the rapier it was
    +95 str instead of 101.

  • Add potato cactus and toadflax to herblore shop for sara brews and magic pot creation.

  • Add papaya for herblore

  • Fix making crushed mud runes, either make them buyable or make it stop using pestles and mortar instead of the mud runes as it should

  • Fix making extreme ranged pots, when you click to make all it just makes one for some reason.

  • Fix making overloads, it's basically like this "ill make whenever i feel like it" and on top of that you can't do it with the "extreme 4 doses pots" unfortunately.

  • Add blood alter to runecrafting

  • Change mining and smithing teleport locations as follows

    1. Easy mining sends you to lumby mining zone
    2. Medium Mining sends you to fally mining cave, (fix mining guild door thing)
    3. Hard mining sends you to the smithing area, increase the mithril and adamant rune rock ammount to match the runite rune rock and remove the other rocks from that current area.

  • Incorperate a killstreak announcement (ie THIS PLAYER IS ON A 5 killstreak, every 5 add a new announcement. (farming prevention)

  • Incorperate a pvp announcement IE Davo has killed Savage in the edgeville wilderness (farming prevention)

  • Fix diamonds price, they're currently 200gp ea, cheapest way to 99 crafting

  • Make it so making jewelry is possible via crafting, right now you can only cut gems

  • Prized pendents don't all appear to work, at least not the runecrafting one

  • Cosmetic skilling gear IE golden mining gear, does not boost the exp gained at all

  • Make smithing shop sell rings of forging

  • Remove fashion shop, make fashion shop drops IE elegant etc, dropped from cluescrolls

  • Implement starter kits differently, make players register to the forums for a starter kit, this would allow for people to be more active in the community and view the forums at least once.

  • Change voting so you get 10m-40m depending on how consistantly you vote starting at 20m at the beginning of the month and going up 1m every day until the end of the month (just consider 30 days a month period, if the month has 28 days then it'll cap at 38m and if it has 31 it'll stay at 40m for two days instead of resetting and messing the days up)

  • Make it so people who vote every day consistantly are rewarded properly, remove crystal keys from the first initial vote, make them recieved after 10 days in a row of voting points

  • Hour rewards: I've already said i believe we should have a timer ingame that tells you how long you've been playing, you could theoretically sync up loyalty points with this timer, i believe that if you login every day you should be eventually awarded with extra stuff like 1 extra squeel after 10 days, 2 after 20, 3 after 30 etc.

  • Rework the difficulty settings to fit the following

    1. Players cannot lower their difficulty until they are eligable to prestige, this prevents players from grinding prestiges out easily
    2. Players can only low their difficulty every other prestige
    3. Prestige points should be used for more than just a few pieces of gear, add in other things such as boss loots IE goliaths, swifts, glaivens, ragefires as the only way to get these is from bossing or pvp points, and god knows that they're not that common.

  • Add in slayer ring
  • Add in a sign at home or something that works as a boss counter

  • Alter comp cape requirements to the following (heavily up to revision as content is added in)

    1. Comp cape (regular not trimmed) should be available through the loyalty shop as a requirement
    2. 99 in all stats as a requirement for both trimmed and not trimmed
    3. Complete nomad quest (kill nomad)
    4. Defeat 50 of each boss for non trimmed (discluding nex)
    5. Defeat 100 of each boss for trimmed (including 25 or 50 nex)
    6. Change method of obtaining trimmed comp cape
    7. 25,000 loyalty points for comp cape+ 1b ticket, take to skillcape shop and talk to the shopkeeper, add in a warning that these items will be taken and that the regular cape will be replaced with the trimmed version
    8. Require max prestige for the trimmed comp cape
    9. Require the half to max prestige for regular comp cape
    10. Make trimmed better than regular comp cape
    11. 120 dungeoneering requirement

  • Make all dungeoneering gear follow the actual dungeoneering requirement to prevent people from just handing out chaotics and tanking their value as well

  • Enforce price guide as a rule, allow a 10% price variation maximum in terms of differenciation in values, this can prevent the economy from being skewed on item values. +10% or -10% variation IE 1b to 900m or 1.1b.

  • Remove big bones from father aeric and leave regular bones but reduce their prayer exp value drastically like around 5,000 exp drastically

  • Adjust and rework runecrafting area, it's extremely messy and the quickest exp is chaos runes at which you will be creating well over 10,000 of them on Very easy mode

  • Adjust construction, not all of the things work and sometimes it wont let you make stuff with the materials you already have it, it instead says you don't have them.

    New boss area+pvp

    I suggest we implement an area much like one i'd seen in an old rsps, it's extremely large hosted in the desert treasure pyramid however you can change that up. It was basically a large area with a copy of most if not every boss including a few that were select to that area, these bosses weren't hostile and you could fight them one at a time, however it was also a safe pvp area were you still gained points but didn't lose gear, this could also be a completely seperate type of point system than the pvp point system to bring attention to it for its unique rewards.

    This could bring in new titles, achievements and a lot of fun plus new things to do and even teams of players just wanting to aim for the rewards this could have.


    Add in more titles, more possibilities, more achievements and more to work for overall.

    Requirements: All prior "of *godname*" Titles
    Kill 100 of each god (Discluding nex)
    Have 99 in all stats (combat)

    Of Zaros: Kill nex 10 times

    Partymaster: Kill the party demon 10 times

    Corporeal: Kill corp 10 times
    Etherial: Kill corp 40 times

    Destroyer: Kill ava 50 times

    Hunter: get level 99 Hunting
    Hunting master: get 200m exp in hunting
    Starshooter: get 200m exp in ranged
    Blacksmith: Get 99 Smithing
    Goldsmith: get 200m exp in smithing
    Slayer 2: slay 5,000 npc's
    Slayer 3: Slay 7,500 npc's
    Slayer 4: Slay 10,000 npc's
    Slayer Master: Slay 50,000 npc's
    Dungeon Crawler: Get 99 Dungeoneering
    Dungeon Master: Get 120 Dungoneering
    Somekindadungeoneering title: 200m dungeoneering exp
    Truely Loyal: Aquire 100,000 Loyalty points (held at a point)
    Complete?: Completionest cape worn
    Master of Godsfaith: Aquire 99 in all stats, maximum prestige, 200m in all skills, a comp cape.
    "A lot": Cap the exp bar at "a lot"
    Underdog: Kill one of each boss in godwars (minus nex) Corp and the party demon at level 89 or lower (combat)
    overachiever: Obtain all the achievements available
    Bored: Wander aimlessly for an extended period of time
    Explorer: Aquire 200 songs
    Musical adventurer: Aquire 400 songs
    Miricle worker: beat a boss with 1 hp
    Nomad: Beat Nomat
    Dungeon Enthusiest: Aquire one of each item awarded through dungeoneering
    Undying: Kill a boss without being hurt
    The immortal: Kill the party demon Solo

    Boss Changes
    Oh boy

    Avatar of destruction
    Change his health to like 30,000 (Current hp 8550)
    Alter the green magic book to be slight better (say +5 or 10) than the regular one.
    Reduce the drop rate of the cosmetics and green magic book by say 20%.
    This will allow for the boss to have a purpose other than just being pounded into oblivion.

    Change his combat up a little, allow him to do more than just lash out with dragon fire.
    Reduce the rate of his "hati" cosmetic drops.
    Make the hati cosmetics have charges and work as they do in rs (bonus exp)

    Khalaphite queen
    Stage 2: Increase health from 2550 to 5,000 or 10,000
    The stage is completely do-able with melee even though it has melee protection prayer.

    Though I don't know what it drops, make it worthwhile, it's just a content placeholder that's useless atm.

    Reduce the quantity of armadyl runes it drops, one kill can net up to 800 runes? This makes killing glacors pointless, just make it drop like 50 tops.

    Queen Black Dragon

    First of all this boss actually managed to piss me off, it's completely fucked.
    Each stage is considered a seperate instance which shouldn't be the case, it cost me my arma legs body and zerker ring, as well as 4,000 plus bolts and my crossbow now I willingly went into the fight to test it out and smashed a few stages until I managed to suddenly take a massive amount of damage and die from some unknown source (yes i had a shield and prayer and potion going for antifire).

    Because of this instance change when you see your items on the ground, teleport back and they aren't there it can be rather annoying so I recommend adding a gravestone or an area at home you can get your stuff at or just have your items spawn at home so you're not completely screwed out of items that are worth more than what I lost.

    King black dragon
    Seriously, what is this things defence It's weak to stab but the crapier rarely ever hits it, I could probably kill it faster with a whip, I believe in real rs the dds specs can shred the things health with no problem at all, if it's an issue overall you can easily just reduce its defence a tad and raise its damage and health.

    Change it so there's not just one attack style they use, they're afkable with melee ranged and mage and even safe-spotable with those other two (not so melee type attack styles).
    Make them hit like 20 with range so you can't just potentially farm the ever illustrious but rare boot drops without any issues at all.

    This guy can be completely dominated with ranged, enough said.

    Tormented demons
    Once again something that slightly irritates me
    either remove their shield or put a functioning darklight in game, it can take multiple trips to kill just one because even with a crapier and good ranged gear you can imagine smacking a 7 on them with their nice meaty health pool (under these conditions) (3620 hp)
    I recommend actually adding dark light but if you remove the shield just increase their health to like 5,000 and make it a multi combat zone, they're meant to be hard I know but the shield is stupidly time-consuming compared to difficult.


    My final Suggestion:

    Fix dragon claws in pvp, someone hit a 500 0 0 0 on me, which doesn't follow suit to the formula which is supposed to be something like first two hits half etc, weird shit 500 250 175 175 something like that, not only that but i was in tank gear which means the damage is extremely broken, the reason it is my last suggestion? Check the introductions page for more on that.

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Rangercakes Suggestion List (updated and finalized)
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