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 99 crafting guide JADE

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PostSubject: 99 crafting guide JADE   99 crafting guide    JADE EmptySun Oct 23, 2016 11:59 am

Welcome to my crafting guide. this will be a guide on the most efficient way to reach 99. crafting is simple, but costly! Very Happy

99 crafting guide    JADE Dbd6bb13

above is the shop you'll be using to get 99. to get here simply teleport to ;;shops and talk to rommik!

items needed:
 99 crafting guide    JADE 85932116 ( chisel, plus gems from the store Very Happy ) To craft the gems simply have a chisel in your inventory along with the gem you wish to craft. and use the chisel on the gem.

The gems you will be using include: Uncut Opals, Uncut Sapphires, Uncut Emeralds, Uncut Ruby's,Uncut Diamonds, and Uncut Dragonstones

99 crafting guide    JADE Adc83813 - levels 1-20 crafting uncut Opals

99 crafting guide    JADE 76cd6213 - levels 20-27 Uncut Sapphires

99 crafting guide    JADE 55b14e12 - levels 27-34 Uncut Emeralds

99 crafting guide    JADE B06cad11 - levels 34-43 Uncut Rubys

99 crafting guide    JADE 3e927111 - levels 43-55 Uncut Diamonds

99 crafting guide    JADE B6206b11 - levels 55-99 Uncut Dragon stone

Thank You for viewing my guide i hope it helped you get 99 crafting easier Very Happy feel free to leave feedback on what i could do better and what i did good, after all it is my first guide! Wink

P.S - gz on 99 crafting <3
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99 crafting guide JADE
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