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 Lets talk ACTION vs RE-ACTION?

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PostSubject: Lets talk ACTION vs RE-ACTION?   Thu Mar 02, 2017 5:28 pm

Okay, now there has been a few people that have tried to give me a "hard-time." Now, I understand that to certain people when someone reacts to a certain thing that is typed, or said, you find it justified to say they are being salty? Now, I understand that millennials these days often say a bunch of crazy things and somehow justify them in their ways. However, you guys aren't mind readers. There is most certainly a computer screen between you and the person you are typing to. So, just because you find that the reply the other person gave you isn't what you wanted to read, doesn't mean they are being salty, just means you're not getting your way. So, when you act out, and pressure someone into a hostile conversation, how do you expect that someone to react? When all you're throwing at them is "You're salty, I know you are." I mean, honestly, I've seen this happen to multiple people on the server, and myself as of today. You cannot justify someones mind-set based on text, unless it is 100% clear, so those of you who harass people on the server with your actions just to get a re-action have at it. This was put in place for those who do the re-acting, to help them better understand the "trollish" games you are playing with them.

Also, forever be in GODSFAITH!
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Forum Dev/ In-Game Mod
Forum Dev/ In-Game Mod

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PostSubject: Re: Lets talk ACTION vs RE-ACTION?   Thu Mar 02, 2017 5:33 pm

Don't worry, I am very active and plan to help regulate the thrashing out at people in the cc from now on Smile. Thank you for posting your thoughts about this subject Smile.

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Lets talk ACTION vs RE-ACTION?
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