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 From Scratch Staff Application

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from scratch

from scratch

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From Scratch Staff Application Empty
PostSubject: From Scratch Staff Application   From Scratch Staff Application EmptyFri Feb 17, 2017 11:13 am

. Ingame Name & Real life age?: My in-game name is "From Scratch", and my Irl name is "Ellioth"

2. How long have you been playing Rs/RsPs related servers?: since around 2009-10 so around 7-8 years =P

3. Do you have previous staff experience? (If yes, tell us about it): Why yes, Yes I do, i have been staff on multiple servers, but now most of the server just trynna make money and doesnt care about their community, which I want to see a change in, in every rsps. I have been mod on arteropk, deviouspk, battlescape, and a bunch of servers nobody knows about mainly =P.
4. Why do you deserve staff?: I see myself as deserving to be staff because i believe I can be a really great asset to the server, I am respectful and understanding. I am also very active in-game. I've helped around with the players who have asked questions regarding content in the server. Showed a few around how to do this and that. Helped advertise a bit before, and will continue to whenever I am available to do so.

5. Have you ever been punished in server before? (Ban, Jail, Mute):No I have not, I have a pretty good relation with most staff members.
6. How much are you able to play? (H/week): That depends, on days I can play up to 5-6 hours, weekends maybe 7-8. Since I got a lot of practices and gamedays as i practice 3 sports.

7. What you do if someone is spamming?: I would try to tell him to stop spamming in a calm way, Try to contact higher ranked staff if online, if there's no higher rank than me at that moment, i would give him 3 warnings to stop, at 3 i would mute the guy, if i had the powers. only a temp mute tho. If he advertises other servers i would mute him directly.

8. Will you help server grow by inviting players/making videos?:I can invite players, and i already have, iam working on making videos at the moment, not very good at it. I have asked my friends who make videos if they can teach me with OBS etc, and they could, So maybe i will do vids for gods-faith in a bit =P
9. Any other comments?: Not really =P There's nothing I need to add. Except for thanks for spending your time reading my Application for staff. Thanks

~From Scratch.
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From Scratch Staff Application
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