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PostSubject: LIMITED STAFF APP.   LIMITED STAFF APP. EmptyMon Mar 06, 2017 10:48 pm

Ingame & Forums Name: my ingame name is Limited.

Time-Zone:I live in london UK, so. Greenwich Mean Time Zone - UTC + 00:00

Position you are applying? Moderator / Admin

Ingame Play-time (picture from quest tab): IM NEW!

Have you been staff before (where, how long) -i have had 3 years of staff experience from server support - owner. yes, ive owned and run my own rsps for a year that i had to shut down due to real life events. ( work etc ). All money i made got donated to the server and GOSH - A special hospital for young children with problems when they are born.

Have you ever been punished in godsfaith (jail, mute, warning, ban): never. and never will. i have common sense and stick to rules given.

What do you do if someone is spamming: kindly warn them to stop if it is basic spam in chat, if i have to tell them again i will issue a mute warning for 24 hours. if the candidate dont stop i will mute for 24 hours. I will then explain the candidate can apply for an unmute before the 24 hours is up, and if i decide that person has given a valid enough reason they will be unmuted. if the spam is a level 3 advertising another server, i will ban no questions asked. if another joins i would IP ban them straight away. i dont tolerate advertising.

What would you do if you became a part of the Staff Team: i would donate when i had the money to keep the server up/ get ads. i will also do my upmost to help new players and keep the server a balanced. friendly environment for everyone to enjoy, i will host events to bring the community together with permission from the owner of course and i will treat myself like a normal player, so others dont feel like im there for the power.  

Why should we pick you to become part of the Staff Team & why you are different than others: I believe with my experience in the last 3 years of owning, and being staff on other servers i can be a role model for all players on the server, i can bring the server together and try to reduce any tense situations that occur. im 20 years of age so im far from childish, i will be active ( every day ) and do my part as a loyal staff member to progress this server to its true limit. limitless.

Extra Information/comments: <3 - LIMITED. flower
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